Today in Atlanta, rapper T.I. was sentenced to 11 months in prison for probation violation,T.I. recently returned home from prison after a year for firearms violations for attemting to buy an arsenal of machine guns and silencers in October 2007. Judge Charles pannell Jr. was not hearing the defense arguement that the rapper recently had a root canal and that's why drugs waere in his system. The rapper asked the judge to sentence him to rehab for drug addiction but Judge Pannell sentenced him to 11 months in prison. Many critics and felons felt that T.I. got off easy, very easy the first time with a year,community service and fines. "The only thing that I can say,man,is that all people who have supported me,who were behind me,who believed in me,who were dissappointed and were let down, I just offered my sincerest apologies, and I will dedicate my life no matter how long it takes to earn your trust back and to make you proud yet again," T.I. said. "I'm tired. I'm wore out, I dont have the age,the energy,or just the attitude to move forward and continuing in this cycle in this ongoing process of destruction and disparity in my life. I've got too many depending on me and counting on me. I can't do it."T.I. stated. The rapper has a right to be concerned,another 11 months in prison but no hit singles out no album out and the rap game constantly changing. This is an industry where there's no guarantees at all. A year from now who knows how the hip hop landscape will look? T.I. is too talented,too blessed,too intelligent, and too rich to be making these same trivial mistakes that ends up costing him and his family dearly. No one is invincible and he could easily lose his spot as one of raps top 5 emcees in the game right now. I truly hope T.I. gets it all together and began to really put "GOD" in his life as the head and center. I've supported him as a person and as an artist and this is disheartening to me and all of his millions of fans


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