Where they do that at,I guess Brunswick,Ga. Various street reports confirmed that so-called street hustlers the Wick are on public assistance. Man talk about a recession and hard times. I guess noone is exempt whenit comes to a recession, hold it but wait I thought Drugs and Porn were recession free??? Gots to start living right my brothers in the hood,we gots to do better. Let's try doing for self, let's try the work place,let's try unifying and creating legal hustles to employ ourselves and our people. Trust me it's a better way than drugs and exploiting yourself negatively. Times are hard and there going to get harder but reality is reality,accept the challenge and man up. We just have to man up no matter the situation. The Holy Quran and The Holy Bible are the blueprints. Prayer brings resolve,Pray and start grinding no matter level you on and watch how "GOD" bless you and yours. Think about it,because how can you be a hustler or so-called baller and your in the poverty line. Your starving but your a hustler it doesn't add up,apparently your hustling backwards,very backwards.Let's get it together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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