Alan Newton was awarded $18.6 Million by a Manhattan Federal Jury for a wrongful rape conviction from 1985,Newton never wavered from his innocence from day one. In 1994 he made his first request to test the victim's rape kit,but the NYPD couldn't find it. It wasn't until 2005 that officials located the evidence. They tested it the following year and it proved that Newton did not commit the heinous crime. He filed suit in 2007 and after years of legal wrangling with the city of New York,Newton's lawsuit was allowed to go forward culminating into yesterday's blockbuster verdict. "When the exoneration came,I felt a sense of justice,this is the next level,said Newton. Newton now works for CUNY and says he'll use part of the money to pay for law school. "I want to help people that are in need in the justice system,"he said. A spokesperson for the City Law Department stated, "We are dissappointed with the verdict and plan to appeal." Congrats Mr.Newton!!!!!!!


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