Let him eat it from the back - Don’t be shy either; grab his head while he’s nibbling away and pull his face all the way into your cookie jar so he can get to the cream filling. Don’t be afraid to throw it back either and let those booty cheeks slap him in the face while you’re instructing him to lick it faster. This is your time to be in charge so don’t hesitate to talk some trash to add more excitement to the situation.
Sit on his shoulders - This one requires your partner to be somewhat in shape, as he will have to lift you in the air and hold you there while he goes to work on your clitoris. A safe way to execute this maneuver it to have your back resting against a wall for support while in the air. Or, if he is not strong enough he can sit on a sofa while you clim atop of his shoulders. Use your hands and talk dirty while you’re up there and be sure to pull his head deep between your thighs.
Ride his face - Notice the this one is titled “ride his face” and not merely “sit on his face.” By simply sitting on his face you’re taking the passive roll by allowing him do his business while you straddle him from above. However, riding a man’s face is a totally different story. This means you need to need to be rubbing that kitty cat all in his face to the point that when he comes up he’s gasping for air (don’t suffocate him, now) and his face is almost totally covered with feminine love juice.
So tonight when your man is about to get on his knees and perform his tongue lashing tell him that its your turn to be in charge and pick one of the three methods mentioned above and go to work. I guarantee that he will be so turned on that after you’re done having your way with him he’s going to give you the slaying of your life.


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