"I have been in a position to see clearly how fast the public will throw you away. They would rather see you suffer than to see you shine. My actions have been unacceptable,inexcusable,but I dont see them as unforgivable. One bad move,one bad decision has discredited all the good, which I dont think is right. Especially when all the people that are judging and pointing the finger at me,are doing as bad,if not worse than me,without doing as much good as me. It's a lot more in the world to frown up on than T.I. It's a lot more to be upset at rather than me and my circumstances," T.I. stated. (SOHH) I give it to T.I.P. for addressing the backlash he's received but some of the backlash is warranted indeed, nothing personal. I support T.I. and I have been blessed to be around brother on many occasions in Atlanta. But right is right and wrong is wrong,he's held to much,much higher standards than the average man is, especially considering the blessing he received with a year for all the guns and violations he committed in the first place then to come home and within months throw it all away ignorantly,damn homie,your better than that. T.I. is too blessed and intelligent to keep getting caught up in simple-minded sh*t. But much love and props to homie,keep your head up and May "GOD" Bless!!!!!!!!!!!


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