This is a one on one interview with one of Atlanta's leading underground artist "V.E.X", he speaks very raw and unkutt about various topics from hip hop,his goals,the indusrty to Bishop Long's sex abuse scandal.......Here goes nothing!!!!!
(STW)- What's your style/brand of hip hop?
(V.E.X.)-Sreet,reality music
(STW)-What do V.E.X. bring to the table as an artist?
(V.E.X.)-Refreshing music and sounds. I'm a throwback of classic hip hop with a modern day twist but I'm original, creative and original.
(STW)-What do you think about the ATL hip hop scene right now?
(V.E.X.)-It's trash,it's ass,it sucks right now outside of Jeezy,T.I.,Luda,Ceelo,and Outkast, bottomline.
(STW)-Who's your main musical influences in hip hop?
(V.E.X.)-Big Daddy Kane and Rakim
(STW)-What your listening to right now?
(V.E.X.)-Myself,R&B,and Old School Hip hop,
(STW)-What are your goals as far as music and film?
(V.E.X.)-Musically I want the masses to hear my story,hear my true expressions and to feel my journey.
(STW)-How do you feel about the lack of conscious and political hip hop?
(V.E.X.)-It's tormenting the game,it's no P.E.'s,no NWA's, no real political and conscious artist that are genuine and not concerned about the industry. It's no real commentary and true experiences being conveyed right now.
(STW)-Who is V.E.X.?
(V.E.X.)-Keon Shavers,V.E.X. is 33% of who I am, you know the street,hood,raw,uncutt,un prohibited side of my character. Shaves is the intelligent,laid back,attentative,calm side of me. Keon is the all in all regular me,reserve,family-oriented,real life, right and exact blueprint of who I am as a human being.
(STW)-One word to describe your overall mission with your music?
(STW)-How did you feel about the 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards?
(V.E.X.)-No disrespect to BET but it was trash,a mockery of hip hop as a culture.It was poor representation of the artform itself. The shows gotta be put together more solid with better all around talent.
(STW)-How do you feel about the controversy concerning Shyne and Nas and Def Jam?
(V.E.X)- I think Def Jam is watered down and has lost their integrity as a hip hop label. They have lost the respect of their hip hop artist over there. Def Jam is the complete opposite of what it once was,no Russell,no Lyor,no Kevin,no Irv,no Jay and L.A.Reid isn't the right fit for Def Jam and never was.
(STW)-You dissed Rick Ross viciously,how do you really feel about Ross?
(V.E.X.)-He's a talented dude,he's a good artist,he makes good music but he's a phony,a fraud when it comes to his whole aura,his street-cred is minimal and he's a good actor but overall I dont respect him. His career is built on a fake persona that he created after he got in the rap game.
(STW)-What do you think of all of this Illuminati theories on Jay Z. and some of hip hop's biggest names?
(V.E.X.)-I try to stay away from that, I really do,I've seen and read certain things but I know how things can be pieced together and arranged to look a certain way. I know how things can be fabricated and built to appear a certain way. I'm no fool but I just try to stay away from all of that,it doesn't concern me really. I'm not focused on that,I know who and what I am. Some people have sold their souls to the devil for riches and fame but not every artist. It's farce to say that every artist that's successful sold their soul,no not every successful person sold out.
(STW)-Do you think that real lyricism and real conscious hip hop will ever return to the forefront of the game?
(V.E.X.)-Never to the forefront because of record label politics and what they promote. But I do think that it will become relevant again real soon,it has to.
(STW)-Describe the following artists in three words,three words?
(V.E.X.)-pure emcee,over-rated,unique
(STW)-Jay Z.
(V.E.X.)-legend,lyrical beast,cocky and brash
(V.E.X.)-iconic east coast legend,one of a kind,hip hop
(V.E.X.)-dissappointment,very good and exceptional emcee,atlanta to the heart
(STW)-Young Jeezy
(V.E.X.)-talented,likable,cocky and arrogant
(STW)-Gucci Mane
(STW)-Wacka Flocka
(V.E.X.)-wack,hip hop abortion,terrible lyricist
(STW)-Soulja Boy Tell'Em
(V.E.X.)-smart,hustler,subpar emcee
(STW)-Joe Budden
(V.E.X.)-great lyricist,very under-rated,animal
(STW)-Kid Cudi
(STW)-Lupe Fiasco
(V.E.X.)-nice,under appreciated,talented


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