WTF is up these days with all these Catholic and Christian Preacher scandals,are our sons safe anywhere anymore? We use to worry about our daughters nonstop now it's the sons too. The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that 57 year old Pastor Billy Eckstine McCurdy of Revival Temple Church Of "GOD" and Christ was arrested nearly a week ago on 11 sexual abuse charges. Like Bishop Long,he's accused of using his position as well as Biblical scriptures to force boys into sexual relationships with him.Two teen boys testified in front of a grand jury which indicted the Pastor on Thursday of six counts of sexual assault and on five counts of open or gross lewdness. McCurdy had similiar charges against him five years ago dropped.All I'm going to say is that this madness has to stop,the abuse of boys and the disrespecting of religion and the righteous community as a whole, it has to stop.


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