15 years ago in the Nation's Capital Of Washington,D.C. Over a Million Men answered the call of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to come to D.C. in the spirit of Atonement and Unity, pledging to be better fathers,husbands,human beings,role models,Muslims,Christians,Activists,to be better as a Nation and Race of people.I was blessed to be there and it was unlike anything I ever witnessed with the human eye ever in my life outside of my children being born unto this world. I was blessed to be at all three marches that the Honorable Louis Farrakhan has spearheaded and each one was very memorable and historic but the original Million Man March which is the largest demonstration by a Black or African American to this date meant so much to the Millions in attendance and at home watching. It's a piece of history that will live forever and ever and I own a piece of that history within in my heart and soul as does Millions of others. The media along with weak hearted,hating negroes can never erase this day and it's movement out of history. This day continues serve as inspiration and motivation for generations. Our beloved President Barack Obama attended the Million Man March and supported the Million Man March. Many of the youth movements and coalitions you see and hear from today were born out of the Million Man March.Many of your favorite atheletes,entertainers,rappers,and actors attended the Million Man March. Long Live The Spirit Of The Million Man March!!!!!!To "GOD" Be The Glory!!!!!!!!!15 years In Counting

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