Recently West Coast veteran rapper and fim producer/director Ice-Cube spoke candidly in several interviews about west coast hip hop and the industry politics associated with it. Ice-Cube is a west coast vet with an impeccable list of accomplishments and multi-platinum and platinum albums. His "Amerikka's Most Wanted","Death Certificate", and "Lethal Injection" albums are critically acclaimed hip hop classics. He has also produced and directed several hit movies including the classic "Friday" franchise that include three friday films, Ice-Cube also excutive produced the "Westside Connection","Mack 10","Da Lench Mob","Kam",and "Yo Yo." Ice-Cube has worked with many artists in his storied career. He is definetely a hip hop Icon and Pioneer within the culture and industry. "I aint gonna say running away,that might be the wrong words to use,but just saying kinda getting away from what we do best," Cube said in a recent interview when asked about artists running away from the west coast sound. "Like,just tryna follow the industry. The industry got us out here on an island,we out here and we dont get no light or very little. So artists have been tyrna figure out what we need to do to get that light. And I feel like with this record,we dont need to do nothing,we do what we do,have fun with it. Do a record that fans would enjoy and kinda leave it at that and let the chips fall where they may." (XXLMAG)

"Snoop to me is the ultimate rapper cause he got everything,Too Short is simply great,he still one of the purest rap styles of early rap. Game is ferocious like a pitbull.He one of them rappers where his voice makes everything sound good, just like D.O.C.,Ice T., was the first person to be accepted nationwide by the hip hop industry.....E40's style is all styles....Kurupt's style is complicated and hard,like razor blade hard." (COMPLEX)


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