Homosexuality is back at the forefront of barbershop,bar room,back room,front porch,online, and off the record discussions through out the country,mainly due to recent Church scandals involving prominent Pastors and the on going number of black men living the "down low" lifestyle. Homosexuality has always been a hot bed topic in our community but now more and more die hard critics are being exposed as hypocrites because they are actually being exposed as bi-sexuals or being on the "down low" themselves. I never discriminated or ever disrespected homosexuals,though I don't believe in that lifestyle personally,I have several associates that are gay and are good people. That just isn't my cup of tea but we're cool and we're homies,it doesn't affect my feeling's towards them in the least little bit at all. Family is family,friends are friends,and associates are associates, bottom line. We talk about about homosexuality in the black community,in the black Church,in the catholic Church,men on the down low,but what about the Hip Hop community??? What about your favorite rappers? What about your favorite music executives? What about your favorite producers? We often discuss athletes that have come forth or even been exposed as gay,though not very many,but we hardly ever discuss some of your favorite artists being homosexuals. I been around the hip hop industry and culture for a while now and I personally know that there is a lot of gay activity going on within the music and entertainment industry as a whole. There's like another undercover society attached to the entertainment industry that involves homosexual activity and a homosexual lifestyle on the low. You ever wonder why some labels and some executives don't allow the gay word or faggot word used on their releases or they blur it out, certain things the labels will make artist change when dealing with homosexuals/ gay topics. Ask yourselves why? I'm no hater and I'm not one for bashing anyone for their way of life or their beliefs but damn what about the overuse of the "Nigga" word, nigga this,nigga that. But what is it about this term that gay or faggot drives people crazy and fanatic but nigga can be used so fluently and it's tied to some of the worst history and worst atrocities committed to a race of people in this world and this country. But homosexual activities due exist rampant in the hip hop community on several levels but this isn't the article to expose any of your favorite emcees and producers, not just yet. I care and love the hip hop culture a lot and I don't see a problem with being gay in hip hop, I have a problem when you live a lie,a bold face lie, and deceive the people who support your career and finance your lifestyle. Be honest rappers,be honest producers, because we all know it's just a matter of time before you all get exposed,look at whats happening in the religious community with these Churches and Bishops and Pastors around the globe but more importantly in the black community. The day is the manifestation of all defects,cover ups and lies are being exposed on a whole new level now. Is it that your gangsta aura and persona won't allow you to be gay and sell records and still be accepted by the masses. Just be real,just be authentic and you'd be surprised how people accept you for being true. Hip hop is no better than the Church,it's no better than the black community where thousands of men are living on the down low. Atlanta has become a haven for homosexual and lesbian activity and I have seen many people accept that alternative lifestyle wholeheartedly without judging or discriminating against others that are gay. Hip hop your time is near,it's only a matter of time before all of you on the down low get exposed and soon I'm going to be all in exposing you for living a lie being a hypocrite. If you know what you are just keep your mouth shut from criticizing that which you are deep down. Think About It!!!!!!!!!!!!


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October 20, 2010 at 10:13 PM

i know diidy and nelly are gayyyy

October 20, 2010 at 10:14 PM

man u gotta reveal dem names dude,,,reveal demm names

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