Dr.Andrew Schiller and his team at NeighborhoodScout.com along with F.B.I. data and data from all 17,000 Local Law Enforcement Agencies, WalletPop reveals the country's Most Dangerous Neighborhoods with the highest predicted crime rates.Below are the top ten that we posted, Thelifefiles posted the top 25 most dangerous. 1. Chicago,Ill W.Lake St.,,,,,2.Cleveland,OH Scovill Ave.,,,,,3.LasVegas,Nev Balzar Ave.,,,,,4.LasVegas,Nev N.28TH. St.,,,,,5.Atlanta,Ga Carter St.,,,,,6.Philadelphia,Pa N.13TH. St.,,,,,7.Atlanta,Ga Marietta,St,,,,,8.LasVegas,Nev D.St.,,,,,9.Washington,D.C. L.St. S.E.,,,,,10.Chattanooga,Tn King St............
I'm not debating their data and survey information especially coming from the F.B.I. and Local Law Enforcement Officials but damn no Detroit, New York, or L.A. in the top ten most dangerous cities.It is what it is but damn some of it is hard to believe. They have three different parts of glitzy Vegas in the top ten most dangerous, I know it isn't all glitz and glamour out there but damn,three spots in the top ten? No Miami or Jacksonville Florida in the top ten? But thats what they presented as cold hard facts from their data and survey. One things for certain, I clearly see why Chicago was number one. Chicago could of been number one ,two,and three.Peace!!!!!!!!!!


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