Hip-Hop star Drake commented on the pressures of success during a recent interview with Katie Couric last night (October 5th) on CBS. Shout out to AllHipHop for the story...

The rap star touched on a number of topics, including his future plans, his rise to success, his acting career and how he handles being a world-famous entertainer. "I must say that It is all surreal to me on a daily basis," stated Drake, who reminisced of the days before he topped the charts and became a household name. Drake revealed that his success has forced him to beef up security. In recent weeks, a member of the rapper's entourage was accused of striking a man named Jeremis Soriano, who claimed he was assaulted and injured by a body guard for Drake after a concert. Drake addressed the issue of security during the interview, stating that is was a necessary evil and a precaution for his own safety."The weirdest part is always having to have security," Drake explained. "Sometimes I just want to hop in a cab, or walk up the street and get an iced tea or something by myself. Then it comes a time where you do it and sometimes you realize why you shouldn't [try to go alone] whether, it be [being] bombarded with pictures, or where its more negative. I've had situations have to be me where things have happened. People have tried to get at me in ways where its a little scary. And you realize you do need that security around you."


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