Below are various reasons why men cheat period point blank. Right or wrong you have to deal with the facts of the matter and be willing to accept and understand why most men commit adultery or single men just stray and violate by having an affair or just sleeping around. It's not right in most cases,I'm no one's judge and jury but truth is truth and it is what it is. Wake up women and face the cold hard facts of the matter is quite often you all drive men to cheat and act outside of their character. Many so-called relationship scholars and therapist feel its just in a mans nature to cheat period. I disagree to a large extent with that whole concept, truthfully.The following are ten various reasons why men cheat::::::1. You all grow apart and no longer really interest each other and he gets attention,interest,communication,compliments and comments from other women. Your no longer intimate with one another and it begins to take a toll on him.
2.He has fallen out of love with you and he's only there because of the kids,financial obligations,or simply because he can't bring himself to completely leaving you so he seeks love and affection outside of the home.
3.Because you argue and fight alot,this will definetely drive him outside of the home.
4.Sex has gotten boring and dull and is no longer satisfying. You no longer pleases him intimately.
5.The relationship itself has gotten dull and the communication and romance has died.Meanwhile that other woman is giving him everything that your not.
6.No spirituality, "GOD" is not the center of your family and relationship.
7.You begin to show another man more attention and more affection than your husband or boyfriend.
8.Revenge because you either did it to him first or he strongly feels your doing it to him behind his back.
9.Hanging and keeping up with the wrong crowd, and doing it because his inner circle are all doing it and influences him in a negative way.
10.Last but not least because they are a plain ole sex addict and their sick mentally and haven't fully grasp the understanding of being faithful,committed,loyal,and true.


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