I'm no relationship guru or therapists but I've been blessed by Almighty "GOD" to have learned from "GOD" and some very,very qualified people in my life that have helped me along the way with experience and advice on relationships and family. My father is an example for me and my siblings,he's been married 30 years in counting. He's far from perfect but they have something strong and special. I can go down the list of long,long marriages and relationships and I'm sure they'll all tell us it wasn't and still isn't easy but its damn sure worth it. The Honorable Louis Farrakhan and Mother Khadijah Farrakhan have been married nearly 60 years,Bill and Camille Cosby,Will and Jada Smith,Ashford and Simpson, we can go on and on easily but it takes dedication and commitment. Relationships whether dating or married are hard. It takes a 100% commitment on both sides to make it work,there will be hard times and bad moments. Even though the odds are sometimes stacked greatly against us we have to dig deep and persevere through the rough times and put "GOD" first. My father has counseled thousands of people over a 30 year period and he always tell them to keep "GOD" first and foremost no matter what happens. It definitely works for me because I know I can act other than myself totally out of character but I keep "GOD" in the equation.I read a recent survey that said that over 60% of all marriages fail now, damn that's sad. That reflects this generation willingness to quit when the going gets tough and trials and tribulations arise. By making love a choice your making a decision to stick it out even through the bad times and hard times.We're not perfect and sometimes we disappoint and we have to overcome those obstacles and strive to make our relationships work by all means. Life isn't no joke and peoples feelings and emotions can't be played with today by no means whatsoever. I commend all the couples who have been together for many,many,many years and I pray that I'm in that very number one day but we all must exaust all measures to make things work and propel to the next level.One to grow on//PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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