These are three of the World's Most Non-Typical but very Exotic and Mind-Bobbling Vacation Resorts. There's plenty of Mega-Resorts and Lavish Hotels across the globe, these are three cutting-edge and multi-dimensional Hotels across different spectrums of the globe................"Jules Under Sea Lodge" in Key Largo,Florida this property is very unique and cutting edge, it sits atop pillars on the ocean floor where gueasts scuba dive 21ft. below to their rooms. Guests swim under the structure through a four foot-by-six foot moon pool. It's off the chain from the various reports we've received and it is reported they have a very trained and hospitable management and staff rooms start at $550.00 a night......."Hotel Artic" located in Greenland, it has a 4**** rating and features icebergs,igloos,plenty of snow, and sunny vistas. Its a surreal experience for people who love the cold and the adventure of the artic type weather. Its been reported that its off the chain.Rooms begin at $200.00 a night..................."Kokopelli's Cave" in Farmington, New Mexico where guests hike and take a ladder below to the hotel where its situated 70ft. below the ground,its virtually a cave in every aspect. You have to bring your own food and beverages, its been reported that its a very non-traditional experience but very fun and adventurous. These are three off the wall resorts that you can check out or referr to family and friends if your into the different against the grain vacation or travel experiences.


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