Pre-911 The majority of the despicable and heinous crimes in this country were committed by white self-proclaimed Christians. From the KKK whom considers themselves white purists Christians to the mostly white notorious serial killers.

All of this anti-Muslim, anti-Islam rhetoric in this country is another form of racism, bigotry, and divisiveness. The government, society, and so-called Christians criticize Muslims tying all Muslims into radical Islamic terrorists but this country’s worst atrocities slavery were instituted and committed by so-called white Christians. Slavery was one of the worst atrocities to a race of people ever committed. Millions died, millions were tortured, hung, raped, used and abused in every imaginable way you could possibly think of. So called devout Christians did this to black people for generations after generations.

The mainstream media wants to paint the picture to the masses that all Muslims are terrorists and that Islam is a terrorist religion. You cant based the actions and idealogies of some radicals that claim Islam no more than you can of Christians that are white supremacist and those connected to white militia groups and other hate groups claiming Christianity.

I have been a Muslim for most of my life and I have never been taught or trained terrorism or terrorist idealogies. In no way shape or form do I condone senseless violence or terrorist acts by anyone. Islam is not about terrorism and senseless acts of violence. Islam is a truly peaceful religion that focuses on “GOD” not hate. I have never prescribed to prejudice or hatred towards any particular race or group of people ever. I’m aware that in some ways some Muslims participated in the slave trade as well but we know who initiated , orchestrated, and controlled slavery and the horrible violence associated with it in this country.

We will never ever forget 9/11 indeed we will mourn that day forever but we will never forget the Middle Passage of slavery either. The senseless murders, beheadings, burnings, rapes, torture, and abuse will never be forgotten. All of this anti-Muslim rhetoric needs to cease. There is no place in a civilized society for this behavior. There are many, many horror stories associated with every religion and belief but that’s no reason to signal out one over the other as worse. Saying all Muslims are terrorists is like saying all Catholics are gay and homosexuals, or all Christians are hypocrites and serial killers, or all Jews are greedy blood suckers. We know all of this is not true by no means, so the anti-Muslim rhetoric needs to cease. I have family and friends that are Christians, I have associates that are Jewish, and I deal with people through work and business that have no belief at all but I never judge them not one. Only “ALLAH””GOD” can judge any of us and all of us. Much Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1-Love




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