Southern Regional Minister A.Sharrieff Muhammad was sent to Atlanta to head up the Nation of Islam's Mosque No.#15 in December 2004 and immediately he followed The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's instructions and hit the ground running.With the help of many helpful beleivers through out Mosque #15 and the Southern Region, Minister Sharrieff began to transform the Mosque and Islam in and around the Atlanta area. He set up many programs and began to form alliances with many grassroots organizations and Christian Churches. He became a member of the Notable,Respectful, and influential Concern Black Clergy Of Atlanta which embodies different Community Activist,Political Activist,and Religious Leaders,working in Unity towards common goals. Minister Sharrieff is a Dedicated Husband of nearly 30 years to Sis.Sharrieffah Muhammad and the Proud Father of six children, Valencia,William,Joshua,Miriam,Naemah,and Rashad. He also has fifteen grandchildren. Minister Sharrieff along with the Laborers of his investment team began to open up and establish businesses in the South West Atlanta area. Currently there's the Blue Seas Restaurant, Your Respectful Life Bookstore,Your Bakery,Your Barbershop, and N.O.I. Security Agency. Stay Tuned for the rest of the businesses coming soon along with a major Mosque and Community Center.


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