Every year around this time ( SEPT. 13TH. ) us true hip hop heads that remember the golden days of the culture remember and reflect on the life and untimely passing of an hip hop icon "2pac". 2pac was the embodiment of heart, soul, street-knowledge, wisdom, consciousness, rebellion, and that of a warrior. His music was as inspiring but yet conflicted as he was through out his turmultuous young life. 2PAC became gangsta rap and hip hop in general biggest martyr. His music and lifestyle that he lived held the streets hostage, he captured the hearts and minds of millions of loyal fans that identified and represented thug-life just as he did. He blended the streets, clubs, politics, religion, sensitivity, consciousness, with a sincere passion that has yet to be matched to this day in hip hop. He spoke for the rejected and despised. Where would hip hop be today if 2pac was alive? Where would alot of these gimmicks of a rapper and poor excuses of being a product of the streets be? Alot of these rappers are cartoon characters and puppet pawns for the money. What happened to the music? This generation's version of hip hop is watered-down swagged out . No one speaks for the masses and the real diehard hip hops anymore. Our generation had 2pac, Public Enemy, Ice-Cube, Kam, NWA, KRS 1., Poor Righteous Teachers, Brand Nubians, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Run-DMC, Scarface, Goodie Mob, Intelligent Hoodlum, OutKast, Paris, Jungle Brothers, Da Lench Mob, S.A.W., JT. Tha Bigga Figga, Killer Mike, Nas, Ice T., Jay Z., DMX, I can go on and on about the conscious, political, but street-oriented rappers my generation proudly lay claims to. 2pac is definetely missed and his void left by his death is still wide and unfilled. From 2pacalpse Now, Me Against The World, and All Eyes On Me To All the other Masterpieces he has compiled over his tragically short but storied career. They'll never be another 2pac, he is truly one of one an original................Tha Chill-one


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