Controversial Acaademy-Award Winning Movie Producer, Author, and Activist Michael Moore asked his supprters and followers on his website to donate a dollar, five, or ten and he would match the donation dollar for dollar to the Cordoba Initiative Non-Profit Organization helping to build the Mosque at Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan. Moore stated on his website "The people at the Islamic center are very appreciate that so many thousands have chosen to come forward in support of America and our First Amendment. And I too want to express my gratitude. Times are tough economically and supporting our Muslim brothers and sisters is not a popular thing to do right now. I am truly touched by your generosity and people around the world will know that you too represent an America they rarely get to see. Moore has pledged to keep supporting the Ground Zero Mosque project and his efforts so far has raised over $50,000 in a short span of a few days. Many Americans of all Faiths are sacrificing in these hardened economic times to support the Project despite the negative propanganda being spread about Islam through out the country in this day and time..........Tha Chill-One


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