According to Forbes.com 2010 Hiphop Cash Kings below one through ten continue to roll steady financially through these turbalent times and shakey world economy where the financial crisis is getting worse and worse in this country. These hiphop movers and shakers continue to remain recession-free in these times where most artists are feeling the crunch of the music industry's downward spiral due to internet downloading and bootlegging. For the second consecutive year convincingly Jay Z. is number #1. at $63 Million earned. 2. P-Diddy $30 Million, 3. Akon $21 Million, 4. Lil Wayne $20 Million, 5. DR.DRE $17 Million, 6. Ludacris $16 million, 7. Snoop Dogg $16 Million, 8. Timbaland $14 Million, 9. Pharrell $13 Million, 10. Kanye West $12 million.............Tha Chill-One


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