These are the results from a recent survey my partner and I did with random men through out the metropolitan Atlanta area pertaining to the best lessons older women ever taught them or conveyed to them in some way shape or form: "how to never trust these young high maintenence girls of my generation".- Anthony 20, "to never put myself out there too much in relationships, to take things slow and see where they go".-Dexter 22. ", "my friends mother told me to always focus on self because if your not straight then how the hell your gonna make sure some one else is ". - Marcus 33, "an older woman taught me the real dynamics of sex and how to please a woman for real".- Rob 29, "I learned patience in every aspect especially emotionally and sexually".- Terrance 28, " I thought I was doing something sexually until I hooked up with a woman ten years my senior, man o man".- Hakeem 37, "how to be unselfish and care about someone other than myself".- Ken 31, "to stop taking my love ones for granted and express my true feelings more towards my family".- Tareek 26, "I learned from my grandmother to be the best me and stop trying to be what I see on t.v. and in the movies".- Keith 35, "I learned how to chase the money and the girls will always chase me, best lesson I ever learned from my aunt".- Kadir 31,.........................We interviewed over 25 young men in the span of a day but we randomly selected the quotes to present to the public. I can go on and on about what all I have learned over the years from my grandmother and my aunts as well as my older sister but what they all have in common is they always inspired me in a positive way and in a "GODLY" way. Much Love to you all. May "GOD" Forever Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tha Chill-One



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