The hottest topic through out every community in Atlanta and across the religious communities nationwide is did he do it or is it all a plot for money. Bishop Eddie Long has been hit with multiple lawsuits claiming he sexually engaged in unappropriate sexual activity with two under age boys now grown men. This story has took on a life of its own across the country on CNN, Good Morning America, local news channels, talk shows, radio shows, and blogs. I pray that these allegations are not true and the Bishop strongly denies any wrong doing. But the plantiffs defense attorney feels adamant about her clients allegations and their evidence. Either way it goes this is a blow to the Christian community and brings up the old homosexuality in the Church debate. Its been of great debate the growing number of homosexuals in the Church with prominent roles especially dealing with the youth. We all know its not a Church issue, its an individual with a sick devilish desire issue wherever this behavior occurs at. Over the years I often defended the Bishop in barbershop discussions and in round table discussions on other issues and various topics. I have attended New Birth on various occassions and always have been treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. These allegations are very serious and damaging with wide range effects period but especially do to it being Bishop Long. On both sides there's going to be more division, more debating, and more personal opinions being expressed. These allegations come at a time where the Catholic Church as a whole is under fire all the way up to the Pope himself due to the thousands of sexual abuse cases and alleged cover up allegations being levied against the Church. Some abused victims have reportedly committed suicide over the pain and lingering effect of the sexual abuse at the hands of Priests and Bishops. This madness has to stop and we all have to get back to the true worshipping of "GOD" no matter the religion or belief system. Innocent children are being wrongly abused and pycologically affected and families are being torn apart majorly as aresult of all this abuse and the allegations of abuse nationwide. We have to stand up as men not pose as men and secretly abusing young men but take a stand as men against this sick and dispicable behavior spreading through out the Christian community. I will continue to pray for all parties involved and may "GOD" Almighty make sure the proper Judgement is rendered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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