Hiphop pioneer Ice-Cube recently did an interview with Ebony/Jet where he was very candid about his successful movie career and the pitfalls associated with the Film industry. Ice Cube was very open and straightforward. Ice-Cube is a Hiphop legend who burst on the scene in the late 80's with the Hiphop Powerhouse group NWA where he sold millions of records with them and as a solo artist. Ice Cube has been one of the best raw street and political conscious rapper of any era over his storied career. Ice Cube is responsible for releasing and producing many hit singles and platinum records over his career. Ice-Cube has been a dedicated supporter to The Honorable Louis Farrakhan and The Nation Of Islam for many, many years. His film career is just as impressive with urban classics such as his Friday film franchise, Are we there yet Movie sequels and all the other work he has done in hollywood while maintaining his integrity. Big ups to Ice-Cube, keep doing your thang homie.................Tha Chill-One

EBONY: You just recently put Bob and Harvey Weinsteinon blast, to use the current vernacular, for the waythey treated your film Janky Promoters. Their companygot into financial difficulties and while you werenegotiating a deal with another distributor theWeinsteins released your film straight to DVD withoutyour knowledge. Have you heard from them at all?

ICE CUBE: Nah. I haven’t gotten any word. I don’t regretanything I said. Not at all.

EBONY: Because one of the unwritten rules in the film business is that you never say anything negative about anyone publicly. Yet you just went out there and said it.

CUBE: Yeah they’re shady. Those dudes jerked me around. It’s a waste of time being over there. They’re a little immature and unprofessional.

EBONY:So I take it you’re not going to be sending them any holiday cards?

CUBE: I ain’t sending them s___! (laughs) I’m being honest, man. I ain’t sending them s___!

EBONY: But you’ve been involved with films for almost 20 years now acting, producing, directing and writing them. And you have another 7 projects currently in development. Is it fair to ask that you might have been somewhat naïve about how cutthroat this business could be when you started?

CUBE: I’m not going to say naïve because when you come from the music business you should expect that. But I thought they had a little bit more class, you know. I mean what they did with Janky Promoters is the equivalent to me of a crackhead stealing a piece of jewelry and selling it for cheap, for crackhead prices. You know, give me 5 dollars for something that’s worth thousands (laughs) So that is kind of I felt how they did it. I expected that more in the music business, but not in the movie business.

EBONY: So has dealing in the film business made you more. Cynical?

CUBE: Nah, nah. I’m a big boy. But you don’t expect people to just lie to you to your face and at the same time have a deal going behind your back. That to me is just a little over the top shady.

EBONY:Also I have to ask about something you said recently that “Comedy is the path of least resistance for black people in Hollywood.” You really mean that? It wasn’t one of those things were you were misquoted and or you meant to say something else and it came out wrong?

CUBE: It is. It is the path of least resistance.




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