Its up for great debate whether the web is the new streets and pulse beat for the hiphop culture. But what's for certain is that the internet has forever changed how music is marketed, promoted, created, and distributed. Record stores are becoming more and more obsolete, videos,singles, and albums are all being distributed online now.

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and iTunes are cornering the market on online savvy marketing and promotions. Youtube is the new B.E.T. and MTV, alot of big business and new artist sensations are being exposed to the world via the online mega-giant.

Twitter is pretty much the micro blog monster controlled directly by the artist and producer themselves. They twitter 24/7 365 to their fans minus the 3rd. party intermediates. Alot of up and coming underground artists have flooded the internet with music and their brand but it remains to be seen if it will equal super stardom and mega-bucks.

Hype and buzz dont always translate into major soundscan numbers for established acts let alone underground artists. Souljah Boy and Justin Bieber are two of the biggest Youtube sensations to date, now look at their careers and loyal following of fans. These artist gained a cult-like following with the internet as their foundation. The internet has become the new alternative and avenue for aspiring artist to showcase everything they have to offer.



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