The Hon. Louis Farrakhan’s influence in hip hop can never be understated especially through out the ranks of The Nation Of Islam and all of its homegrown talent. Over the years artist such as : Kam, JT The Bigga Figga, Professor Griff, Synister Mr.Black (rip), Kool Ace, Paris, S.A.W., H-2, Grayco, Jasiri X., Gat Turner, The Task Force, MCJX, Bro.Kenny X., D.A. Smart, Star-N-Crescent, No I.D., Problem 13, Wordbond, Bro. Yusef, Intelligent Hoodlum, Tha Chill One, Stress Free Entertainment, Bro. Shorty, Ansar, and Bow Down/Mo Men Productions have all represented conscious hip hop to the core while being strongly affiliated in The Nation Of Islam.

These artists plus many more do it in a way that their mainstream counterparts that often supports The Minister doesn’t do it. Trust me I know first hand the challenges of being an F.O.I. and being a part of hiphop and dealing in this music industry. I have been in the meetings and in back room round tables where everything is discussed and put on the table, some meetings were up at Def Jam, Interscope, Warner, and Loud just to name a few. They treat you one way in the beginning until they find out your affiliations and what you represent, then It’s like you contracted aids. What was first a great deal and great opportunity with high expectations instantly turns into a meaningless project oftimes a tax write off or a minor release with no promotions.

Nation-Affiliated artist that stay true to there form and their beliefs almost never gets the major distribution deals and the few that have always end up with maketing and promotions issues. Most Nation-Affiliated artist have obtained regional and local successes which can be very fruitful if managed right.

In the Nation we have some of the brightest, fresh, and unique talent anywhere to be found on the planet. Most jewish operated and controlled companies refuse to give our artist fair and just opportunities. This industry is full of double standards, you can say nigga-nigga and hoe this ,hoe that but soon as you say jew anything you are immediately labeled a hate-monger and anti-semite. Nation-Affiliated artist need to continue to grind hard and unite together and do for self.We have our own market ,we just have to tap into it properly and maximize the potential. “Too Short”, the legendary bay area hip hop
pioneer told me on several occasions ‘Brother you all have the distribution blueprint already in place, you all just have to master it and maximize it when it comes to music and entertainment” he was referring to the distribution arm of FCI/FCN INC..

Over the years several high profile rappers have marveled over the Nation’s independent manufacturing and distribution set up because that equals up to true ownership. As the jews continue to monopolize the entertainment industry and Minister Farrakhan continues to have broad appeal and influence amongst the hip hop community, we all that’s Nation-Affiliated and making moves in hiphop gotta unite and do for self. Never give up because everyday our people are dying for the lack of knowledge.



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