We all know ,unless you been living under a rock without a t.v. or radio, that the state of music right now is in dire need of creativty and originality. Everything is like processed and diluted for radio play and sales. I'm not knocking anyone getting their scrilla but lets make good,quality,authentic,cutting edge,against the grain music. It don't matter what style or genre of music that your involved in, just be original and bring something new to the table. Come on, be real to yourself first and foremost and stop being industry whores and hybrids of other winning formulas that have worked in the past. Draw from your life,your experiences,do you and keep "GOD" in the mix. Stop patterning yourself after other artists,you can use them as motivation but be original. Artists like Jay Z.,Alicia Keys,Beyonce',John Legend,Jazmine Sullivan,Kings Of Leon,Maroon 5,Eminem,Public Enemy,Kam,Ice-Cube,Nas, are all doing them and constantly pushing the envelope as well as Kanye West. Do you ,Common as well,these artists and many more set trends and influence trends and a culture.Whether they sell a record or not their doing them,they can sleep at night for the most part when it comes to creativity and stepping outside the box. I love Atlanta, my city and stomping grounds but the hip hop scene here is tainted and watered down. Too much novelty,gimmicky,formula-driven rap. It isn't about talent and styles and substance anymore. It's all about nonsense and foolishness. Its another form of modern day slavery and our people are ignorant when it comes to singing and dancing to any damn thing thats catchy. It's crazy, I'm not knocking noone making a living but the line has to drawn somewhere, we got to do better and force others to do better around us. Feel free to share your thoughts and views on this topic!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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