Today in Midtown Atlanta, T.I. helped save a young black male from jumping to his death off of the 22 story Colony Square Building. T.I. was in the area when he heard that a man was on top of the building threatening to jump,police took a message from T.I. to the man on the roof that said the rapper was downstairs and wanted to talk to him and the man got down from the roof and went down to the lobby where him and T.I. spoke briefly before police took him to a nearby hospital for treatment. T.I. did a very heroic deed and that speaks volumes to the type of person he truly is away from all the glitz and glamour. T.I. is back before a judge in court Friday in a Bond Revoked hearing for probation violations following his arrest in L.A. last month when they found exstacy in his system. Police has confirmed T.I.'s assistance in helping save the man from a suicide.(AJC.COM)


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