Ocsar nominated director/producer the multi-talented Lee Daniels appeared on the Sundance channel's documentary series "Iconoclasts" with mega star Lenny Kravitz, where they both shared alot of introspective into their lives and their upbringings. Lee Daniels on his childhood and father:::"My childhood was not a nice one. The only peace I found was alone,writing,drawing. There were things I saw I wish I hadn't. My dad,he was a cop. He was murdered in the line of duty but he lived his life violently and he died violently. He lived in a time where racism was rampant and he was not a man. So he came home and took alll that out on people he loved most where he could feel like a man. I brought all that to life in my films. I heal myself from some of the stuff that's happened in my past.I think that my dad beating me,i knew that he was wrong. I knew that he was wrong when I came down the steps in my mother's high heels and my hands on my hips and I was five and he was sitting there at the dining room table with all his cop friends playing poker. I knew when he beat me that day there was nothing wrong with me at all.Something's wrong with you buddy that you dont get it!!!It only motivated me to succeed." "It was hard for me to forgive my father but he knew no better and he really wanted a good life for me. And he thought that if his son was gay that he would not have a good life and so he thought he could beat it out of me and I love him for his attempt(laughs). I don't know whether my hind sight did. But I love him for wanting the best for me. He didn't hate me." Lee Daniels is currenting working on a new film "Selma". Lee Daniels definetely has a unique story that desrves to be heard and studied. But through all the pain and cunfusion that comes with being gay at a young age and rising through adversity to success its definetely a triumph. It's a sure fire success story within itself.Lee overcame odds and touched millions of lives with the hit movie "Precious". The world can see him through the movie Precious now that we all know his story......................


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