Brian Stevenson,an 18 year veteran Baltimore Police Detective was killed last night outside a restaurant where he was out celebrating his 38 birthday with a friend. Yhe arguement was sparked over issue of a parking space, a group of people approached the off-duty officer and one person picked up a piece of concrete off of the ground and hit him in the head causing severe trauma. Steveson was rushed to Johns Hopkins Hospital shortly after ten pm where he died,according to CNN. Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld describe Stevenson as a fantastic detective. "To lose his life in this manner is senseless," Bealefeld said at an early Sunday morning News Conference. It is unclear where the attacker knew Stevenson was a Police Officer or not. "We're confident the culprit in this case will be charged before the day is done," Bealefeld said. He also stated, "This is an incredible tragedy to family,to all of us,to the entire city." This is definetely a senseless death that did not have to happen. This is an unfortunate and sad situation. May "GOD" Bless this officer's family and friends.(R.I.P.)


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