Rashawn Washington, 26, and Terrance Serrano, 22, were both shot and killed execution-style as they both sat in a silver mercury suv at Broadway and East 119th. Street just after they left a nearby club the Roam Lounge in the upscale Flatiron District of Brooklyn,NY., authorities reported. The assassins pulled up behind the SUV in a dark colored Sedan around 3:40am, two gunmen jumped out and opened fire. Serrano is beleived to have been at the scene of a murder July 26,2009 involving his brother Micuan Serrano 19 who was shot dead with multiple gunshot wounds. Police believes Terrance was the target then. Detectives reportedly beleives Washington may have witnessed the Aug.2, 2009 murder of 87 year old Anna Sermon,killed by a stray bullet. Both homocides happened in Coney Island near the same location back in 2009. Both men had extensive rap sheets with arrests involving mostly guns and drugs. Washington 11 arrests and Serrano 7 arrests.Detectives are also looking into the possibility that the two men were killed due to other reasons unrelated to the 2009 homocides that still remain unsolved. Sources say that the two men were involved in a dispute earlier in the day,detectives continue to investigate the homocides.(NY POST)


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