In an online gang activity poster designed by the Miami Police Department to illustrate what the stereotypical gang memeber looks like Rap Mogul and Superstar Jay Z.,they used two graphic pics of Jigga in the gang poster. They recently removed the likeness of the ten time Grammy Winner and seller of over 27 Million albums sold off of their website to do protests and blogs and emails in objection to their design. No official comment has been given yet as to why someone in the force thinks the Richest Man in Hip Hop makes for good imagery of a gang member,talk about being stereotyped and openly disrespected.He only made nearly $64 Million last year and for the second straight year, he and his wife Beyonce' are Hollywood's Most Powerful Couple in Entertainment.Maybe someone in the Police Department down there has a personal gripe against Jigga or hip hop.Just shows bottomline no matter how much money and fame you have, some will always perceive you a certain way in an unfavorable light. I'm 5000


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