The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, one of the Most Powerful Men to ever,ever walk the Planet was born Elijah Poole October 7,1897 in Sandersville,Georgia to parents who were sharecroppers but were former slaves as well.The Honorable Elijah Muhammad's family were subjected to vile racism,discrimination,and poverty in the rural south decades sfter slavery had officially been abolished. This is still the era in which Blacks were being raped,lynched,mutilated,tortured,castrated,and burnt alive by racist whites. Young but determined,ambitious,and mature beyond age, Elijah left home at age 16 and in 1917 married Sister Clara. By 1923 he had settled in Detroit and began working in the automotive industry and soon after met Noble Drew Ali, Founder Of The Moorish Science Temple Of America and in 1930 he met Master W.D. Fard and "The Nation Of Islam" was officially established and the rest as they say is history.Master W.D. Fard gave him the last name of Karriem then Muhammad and they established Nation Of Islam Temples and Mosques in over 200 locations in internationally. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad established the Nation Of Islam as the Most Organized and Civilized Nation within a Nation of people to be found anywhere in the world. The Nation was reportedly worth north of $100 Million Dollars and that was back in the late sixties and early seventies. He was responsible for for many of your so-called Black leaders joining and forming different organizations back then and now. He was labeled by mostly every major publication in the sixties and seventies as the single Most Powerful Black Man in the country,not the Most Popular but the Most Powerful.He met with Dr.King, he taught a lot of the leaders you love and follow,The Honorable Loius Farrakhan,Malcolm X., Muhammad Ali,Jeremiah Shabazz,Rahman Muhammad,Abdul ALLAH Muhammad,The 5% Percenters, you name it in Black organizations and leadership he influenced it.For the past 35 years The Honorable Louis Farrakhan has been carrying on his Mission and Work with The Nation Of Islam.


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