Forgiveness doesn't automatically mean you forget or have forgotten whatever transgressions against you. Forgiveness doesn't mean you get an instant pass for whatever wrong that was committed against another person,it's not instant healing. It's all a process,the beginning of a process because true forgiveness is the main ingredient of Atonement after "GOD". Holding pain for years and years is very unhealthy mentally,physically,and spiritually. My older sister Valencia has this saying,this phrase that she has implemented in her in her life, "It is what it is", which means "I accept you for who and what you are,I don't hate you I just clearly understand you", plain and simple. She actually lives by that and wherver I see that phrase I think of her,many people I know feel the same way. Unforgiveness means you walk around with dislike sometimes hate for another human being and in some cases if the opportunity presented itself you would hurt them or they would hurt you phsically. When you dont forgive,in most cases you walk around scarred and wounded and any little thing can set you off pertaining to that pain and hurt you've been covering up. True forgiveness brings about a certain humility and certain aspect of love forself and others. That doesn't mean that the violator or abuser shouldn't be punished depending on violation or crime it just means you've began the process of healing and moving forward sincerely. Foregiveness is the kin of mercy,humility,acceptance,and understanding. Prayer and spiritual studies are necessary. A true knowledge and wisdom of "GOD" is very key in the process of forgiveness. The Quran and Bible speaks constantly through out on forgiveness.Forgive doesn't mean forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Think about it.......(ATONEMENT)


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