A Crestwood,Ky Doctor is has been charged with first degree sodomy for performing oral sex on a 38 year old female patient. The doctor admitted the dispicable act to police once the patient reported the situation to policewho then arrested the doctor at his Primary Care Clinic in Crestwood. Dr.Alur admitted to sexually assaulting the female orally. He posted $50,000 cash bond and was released. The patient said he pushed her pants and underwear down and began to perform oral sex on her until she pushed him up and away from her, Dr.Alur admitts it lasted 30 seconds to a minute. He apologized to police for the act and said he was so tempted and lost control.This is crazy man,but I know this isn't the first time this type of act has taken place,we would probably be shocked and appalled at how rampid this behavior is amongst Doctors and Physicians. He needs to punished to the full extent of the law.


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