There are different laws,rules and regulations that govern the Islamic Community. The Christian Community profess similiar beleifs but truly don't enforce their rules and regulations to a large extent. When children become teenagers whether in the Church or Mosque its an exciting and adventurous time for them in many aspects. Many are eager to learn about Grown Folks Business and sexual related things. Suddenly the issues of sex start to arise as hormones start kicking in and having an affect,other issues and concerns as in homosexuality,lesbianism,safe sex,abortion,masturbation, etc. start to become revelant. This generation is currently having children at an alarming rate at a young age even as young as 12 and 13 years of age. Where's the parents and family's guidance??? Where's the Ministers and Preachers at??? Where is the teaching and preaching of the Holy Quran and Holy Bible at??? They need to know These Books cover sex quite a bit in different aspects. Sex is a beautiful thing meant to be experienced by mature married couples not young teens experimenting and trying to acheive that ultimate feeling and emotion you get from great sex. Alot of teens,millions to be exact are already having unprotected sex at an alarming rate not knowing the mental and physical consequences that come along with that. In Islam the Restricted Laws are apart of our Salvation,it governs situations like that very forthright. In Christianity,there are rules and regulations as well that if followed you will be successful and spiritually in tune with "GOD". Some teens on both sides try to justfy their actions by saying,I didn't do this or that,He only did this or that but there was no penetration or intercourse. Well that all sounds good in theory but reality is no sexual relations period,let me repeat that,no sexual relations. That means no involvement in anything relating to the actions or performance of sexual or pyhsical acts. We as parents have to keep it real and raw with our children,respectful,honest,and raw. We have to teach them what the Quran and Bible says and what each Religion say as a whole for that particular community. We have to address these issues with our teens as a family and as s community. We have to show them Love and affection,especially us Fathers because they oftimes go looking for Love from another male figure when a Father is not present in their lives. Mothers have to do their jobs as well with their teens especially daughters. Men have to teach their sons how to be men, real men not irresponsible boys playing men. Think about it ,these are a few helpful tips to grow on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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