They're young,hot,talented,in demand,and has much potential to become Mega-Stars sooner than later or already has become Mega-stars. Billboard has compiled and released it's top minors in the industry set to soar to even new heights within the next year. Hear they are below in the order Billboard listed them..............
21. Sean Kingston (Singer/Musician-Dancehall/Reggae)
20. Cody Simpson (13 year old Australian Singer)
19. Nikki Yanofsky (16 year old Canadian Jazz-Pop Singer)
18. New Boyz (18 year olds Hip hop Dance Crew/Rapper Duo)
17. Never Shout Never (20 year old Musician/Guitarist/Pop Singer)
16. Wonder Girls ( 18 TO 21 year olds South Korean Pop Quintet)
15. Diggy Simmons (15 year old Rapper/Actor)
14. Miranda Cosgrove (17 year old Actress/Singer)
13. Chris Colfer (20 year old Actor/Singer)
12. Taylor Momsen (17 year old Actress/Singer)
11. Lex Lugar (19 year old Producer/Studio Wiz)
10. Miley Cyrus (17 year old Actress/Singer)
9. Greyson Chance (13 year old Rock Artist/Singer)
8. Demi Lovato (18 year old Actress/Singer)
7. Willow Smith (9 years old Singer/Dancer)
6. Nick Jonas (18 year old Actor/Singer)
5. Souljah Boy Tell Em (19 year old Rapper)
4. Charice (18 year old Actress/Singer)
3. Selena Gomez (18 year old Actress/Pop Singer)
2. Justin Bieber (16 year old Singer/Actor)
1. Taylor Swift (20 year old Country Music Singer/Pop Singer)


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