Whats up with the good folks at BET? From year to year the awards are up and down and the level of content(performing talent)is pathetic. I mean this year damn near hit an all-time low,where's Jigga,Kanye,Jeezy,Nas,Wayne,Eminem,Ludacris,and T.I.??? Come on where is the banging old school heads that can rock a show and entertain people??? The talent pool in Atlanta thats being promoted and pushed is so shallow and watered down,no creativity and no originality. I dont give a damn how many collaborations they have with established industry rappers. It dont matter ,real hip hop is on a respirator outside of a selected few. The real underground talent with new fresh sounds,content,and concepts get over looked and ignored for this carbon copy bullsh*t. The industry is so full of sh*t and hypocritical when it comes to diong from the heart and for the love of the game,the music game. BET has lowered its standards with these wack novelty videos on the countdown and these watered down pathetic images their displaying. Check soundscan,check the hood, real hip hop purists aren't buying into that sh*t, hell the buying public at large Isn't really buying into that sh*t. BET is by far not what it use to be,is it because its own by Viacom the same company that owns MTV? Is it that Debra Lee and Stephen Hill are simply going through the motions now and are not as hungry and ambitious as before??? Whatever the case can we get some type of structure of a real genuine award show back??? Look at the background and back drop for the VMA's this year, crazy, ridiculous and off the chain just should of had better performances. But the VMA's set up was first class,Grade A+ in that category just three solid performances away from a historic show all around. BET Hip Hop Aards on the other hand could of used some tweeking here and there, no doubt about it.I love Atlanta but its time to move the BET Hip Hop Awards to Miami or New York. Atlanta's my stomping grounds but I got to keep it 100, my town is doing thw Sambo and STEPIT/FETCHIT in Hip Hop right now. BET done went soft on us as a people and as a culture, so I ask them "Who stole the soul?" BET, who stole your soul? The BET brand is no longer what it once was by far. I still like BET but I no longer watch it nearly as much as I used to in the Golden Era. BET lets get it together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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