Forbes and several other magazines and publications often give their annual rankings in certain categories but we at Streetwize relishes as well. We have compiled our top ten most Powerful Women in the Country.Our list is based off of Power,Religious and Political Influence,Wealth and the access to Wealth,and Cultural impact. All of these Women are Elite and Powerful in their own right. They all have the ability to attract Loyal Followers and to impact tens of thousands as well as Millions of people. They are all brands unto themselves. They all have major influence in various circles. In many cases they have broken through Gender barriers and have risen up through unconventional methods. No doubt First Lady Michelle Obama is number one and at the head of our list by far. She's the First African-American First Lady,she's a role model for generations of young women across the globe,she champions many causes dealing with the youth and healthy eating and living,she helps shape policy in various ways,she's changed the face of the White House,her political clout is constantly increasing,she's simply the First Lady Of The Country bottom line.Her Lets Move!!!Campaign against childhood obesity is having a major impact in this country and she's very athletic and has a Law Degree from Harvard. Her approval ratings stay above 55% and she's very popular through out the Country especially among Blacks and Minorities but she clearly transcends racial lines,clearly. The rest of the list includes 2. Oprah Winfrey Billionaire-Media Mogul,3.Hillary Rodham Clinton-Secretary Of State/Wife Of Former President Bill Clinton,4.Nancy Pelosi-U.S. Speaker Of The House,5.Janet Napolitano-U.S. Homeland Securtiy Secretary,6.Sonia Sotomayer-U.S. Supreme Court Justice,7.Elena Kagan-U.S.Supreme Court Justice,8.Beyonce' Knowles-Singer/Producer/Actress/Mogul,9.Sarah Palin-Politician/Maverick/Author/Commentator,10.Khadijah Farrakhan-First Lady Of The Nation Of Islam/Wife Of Hon.Louis Farrakhan/Role Model/Teacher


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