Jerard Braboy is one of three men involved in allegedly raping a 22-year-old woman in Goodview, Minnesota.

Unfortunately for him, Braboy and his cohorts thought it would be entertaining to capture the deed on camera resulting in his own arrest yesterday.

After meeting the suspect and another man at a party, the victim was offered a ride home but ended up at the residence of a woman known as "Jackie."

"Jackie" fell asleep, and the victim was hit over the head after exiting the bathroom.

She was then thrown on the bed as the 39-year-old Braboy allegedly began to rape her.

Police report that a second suspect held her down and a third man videotaped the incident.

According to court documents, the victim told the men to stop several times, and pleaded for them to release her.

After reviewing the videotape, court documents show Braboy's cousin was the man holding the victim
down and he can be heard saying, “We don't get action like this where we're from.”

That action must have led Braboy to believe the sex act was either consensual or that he had won the victim over since he gave her his phone number under the nickname, “Cakes.”

Where they are from, they also don't understand that filming a crime is a sure way to get caught.

The victim pointed out the apartment and the vehicle, and when police arrived, two Black males were seen carrying a mattress and bedding out of the apartment.

"Cakes" was obviously about to cover his tracks and get rid of the evidence containing DNA, but forgot about the visual proof.

Braboy has previously been convicted of attempted murder, unlawful use of a weapon, aggravated battery with a firearm, aggravated assault, fraud, obstruction, impersonation to deceive law enforcement officers and several drug offenses.

He is expected in court on February 3.


Society as a whole is getting sicker and sicker, the dispicable crimes we're taking part in is ridiculous and ignorant. We're living in a beast society and you have millions of people carrying on like savages with no knowledge and wisdom just total ignorance. Its truly sad that decent people and innocent children have to grow up in this wicked society. May "GOD" Bless!!!!!!!!!!THA CHILL ONE


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