A Dallas pastor was arrested after she was accused of breaking into the home of one of her parishioners. The woman under suspicion is Sandra McGriff, a prominent pastor at the Church of the Living God. McGriff was held on suspicion that she burglarized the home of Serita Agnew, one of the members of her church.

McGriff was seen coming out of the house with fur coats after the kitchen window had been broken. A neighbor also claims to have seen a laptop and three purses in McGriff's blue Jaguar. When police called the owner of the home, it was determined that she had not given McGriff permission to enter. Apparently, Agnew had spoken to McGriff shortly before the alleged robbery, telling her that she would be traveling to visit her daughter.

McGriff was treated for arm injuries after she slipped out of the first set of handcuffs and allegedly resisted arrest. She also allegedly kicked and scratched the officers while waiting in the police car. Officers also claim that McGriff used an alias when she was apprehended.

Agnew said she had mixed feelings about the incident:

"She really seemed to be this woman who had a connection with God," she said. "I still really can't believe it."

When I read about incidents like this one, I can't wait to see the LOLs and LMAOs that will surely appear on my Facebook page. This incident says nothing about the black church and is likely idiosyncratic. What can be said, however, is that there are a multitude of pastors who seek the banner of spiritual leadership primarily because they enjoy the money and prestige it brings, but they have almost no interest in understanding what it truly means to serve God. In fact, I've seen quite a few criminals, con artists, liars and crooks thump their bibles, wear fancy suits and lead large flocks solely to take advantage of those who blindly follow their spiritual leaders without asking the difficult questions.

At the same time, we have to remember that McGriff is innocent until proven guilty. She says that she was climbing through the window to catch two burglars and that she just happened to be checking on the house for her friend. Unfortunately, Agnew doesn't seem interested in hearing any of this.



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