I'm going all in on the reality and raw facts on the topic of Malcolm X. and The Nation Of Islam. As I travel across the country I see and hear many people attempt to speak on Brother Malcolm and his legacy without mentioning The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Nation Of Islam. When I was young that used to very much irritate me and arouse something in me to carry this truth of Freedom,Justice,Equality,and Islam along The Nation's Program all over the Planet through whatever positive means necessary. I often sat back studying and observing how the media now, the same media that despised Malcolm when he was Malcolm X. the quote un quote militant black leader and scholar and National Spokesman Of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, now proclaimed him as an acceptable Martyr because he was dead and gone.

The bottomline to all the critics,haters,biased,and prejudiced haters towards The Nation Of Islam, there would be no Malcolm X. without The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
The Nation Of Islam existed before Malcom X. and continues to exist long. long, long after Malcolm X. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught,trained,and instructed the Malcolm X. the world grew to know and love for those 12 plus years he was a member of The Nation Of Islam. Yes Malcolm's father had dealings in the Pro Black Movement but that wasn't where Malcolm was influenced,inspired,and motivated to do right and change his life. That happened when he was introduced to Islam and The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The same man responsible for other great and astounding religious giants and reknown figures such as The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Muhammad Ali.

The greatest and most productive years of Malcolm's life was spent in The Nation Of Islam. Malcolm was a student of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad lets never forget that. Malcolm was taught then he became a teacher and trainer of men which is a testiment to the Divinity and Power Of "GOD" in The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
Many hood scholars and Pro Black Conscious activists often say "Malcolm built The Nation and he really was The Nation", I say to them Malcolm left The Nation Of Islam in 1964 it's 2011 now. No disrespect to Malcolm's legacy and what he meant and still means to the Movement along with his place in History but The Nation is The Nation Of Islam not idol worshippers.

Many great men have joined The Nation and was either dismiseed or left The Nation over the years due to various violations or various reasons but The Nation and it's Mission and importance to our people and oppressed peoples in general live on and will always by "ALLAH"S Grace and Mercy live on forever. I love Brother Malcolm, the Malcolm that soldiered under The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad that was uncompromising,militant,supremely intelligent and wise. Many argue that Malcolm X. exposed Elijah as a fraud domestically because he had more than one wife which you are allowed to do in the religion if Islam. Malcolm made a pilgrimage overseas after he was dismissed from The Nation and came back claiming another form of Islam.
He stated that he had seen the light but must I remind you that the same doctrine of Islam he was beginning to subscribe to was with people who had many,many wives and families. Think about it if that was just the case The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad's domestic life and then you start practicing Islam where you can have many wives and families also. Sounds like my Brother was deeply confused in several aspects.

Nevertheless my point is and always was is that there would be no Malcolm X. without The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, bottomline. Trust me I've studied Malcolm and I've read the books but the most comprehensive knowledge of Malcolm I've recieved has come from my Teacher,my Leader,my Spiritual Father, The Honorable Louis Farrakhan. A man who trained under Malcolm and was a close aide and friend of Malcolms. Farrakhan's a man that I know that loved Malcolm and that came up directly under Malcolm but understood Malcolm's strengths and weaknesses but loved him dearly.
I never had the honor of meeting The Honorable Elijah Muhammad or Malcolm X. in person but I've met both extrodinary men through The Honorable Louis Farrakhan. He embodies the best of both,especially The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

I've met many entertainers and athletes as well as other prominent men around the globe but none has had the profound affect on me and my life as The Honorable Louis Farrakhan,point blank. There's no other way to size it up "Farrakhan" is the man and the most prominant and dominant Black Leader that I've been blessed to soldier under and on behalf of and I have seen the majesty and influence that "ALLAH" has blessed him with worldwide across the globe. The grassroots love him from ghetto to ghetto, hood to hood,rappers,atheletes,actors,singers,you name them he has influenced them in some way shape or form. President Obama attended the "Million Man March" and he gets up close and personal about the Nation and The Minister in his book. I'm in and around the Hip Hop community and "Farrakhan" is more loved and respected than any other so-called leader or politician period. (THA CHILL ONE)


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