The suicidal man who jumped from his Manhattan apartment Sunday -- only to be saved by a pile of trash -- can take a flying leap if he thinks he's getting any sympathy from the building's owners.

An agent for the building's owners at 325 W. 45th St. in Hell's Kitchen yesterday scoffed at reports that Vangelis "Angelo" Kapatos, 26, was the victim of a greedy landlord who was callously tossing him out of his pad.

If anything, building agent Jacques Michaane said, Kapatos is a deadbeat who deserves to be on the street.

"The guy is a nut job," Michaane told The Post. "He's an idiot because he tried to commit suicide and he failed. He's a danger to himself and a danger to everybody else.

see more videos "Nobody has paid rent in that apartment for almost two years. How about somebody pay the rent? . . . I met with him. He's mentally disturbed."

Kapatos' ex-girlfriend said her former beau had fallen into a spiral of drugs and booze that worsened his mental condition long before he jumped. Kapatos had a nervous breakdown last month and was in Bellevue's psych ward for most of December.

"He hates his life," said Jessica Parker of Hammonton, NJ, who dated him for about a year until early 2010.

"He's always talked about ending it," she said. "He would say he should never have been born."

Kapatos' aunt was furious at Parker's comments, saying, "I don't know why she would say that."

The aunt, Katharina Capatos, who lives a floor below her nephew and spells her name differently, blamed Kapatos' troubles on the eviction threat and the fact that both his parents are ailing and in nursing homes.

Kapatos is scheduled to undergo surgery at Bellevue.

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January 6, 2011 at 9:52 AM

As was corrected in the January 5, 2011 edition of the New York Post, Jacques Michanne, the person who called the jumper an idiot, is not an agent of the building owner. Michanne is an agent of the individual who owns the shares to the apartment where Kapatos reisdes. It is the shareholder who commenced a proceeding for rent.
A complete explanation of the mistake in the Post story is set forth in the comments section of the Village Voice in its coverage of this story.

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