BROUSSARD: Obviously, Pop is a terrific coach, one of the best to do it. But my pick for coach of the past decade or so is Jackson. With five titles and seven Finals appearances since 2000, he's led two separate dynasties in one decade. Not only has Jackson been the best coach of the past 10 to 12 years, he's been the best in NBA history.

Many sports analysis and sports critics have begun the debate of who's the NBA Coach of the past decade and truly speaking it has to be Phil Jackson hands down. Phil has won 11 NBA Championships, a feat likely to stand the true test of time for many generations to come and then some. The Spurs coach has four championships in twelve or thirteen years but Phil has led the Lakers to two seperate Dynasties in the same decade with a total of seven final appearances in ten seasons, that's incredible by any measure. Critics down play Phil's success because they argue he did it with the best players in the game but honestly who didn't whenever a team won? Most Dynasties have the best player or players in the game at that time period.

People can hate but Phil Jackson is the greatest NBA coach of alltime, I said it ,THE GREATEST EVER TO COACH THE GAME. He took the Bulls to the finals six times in the form of two threepeats and he has taken the Lakers to the finals seven times in the form of a threepeat and the journey of another threepeat. Men lie,Women lie,numbers dont,facts dont,history dont. Its sad and a disgrace that he has only one coach of the year award, that's hatred. Just like Kobe only has one regular season MVP award when he clearly should have three by now easily, easily.

Think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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