As the new Michael Jackson album hits shelves today more than a year after his death, drama continues to erupt as Teddy Riley is the latest to speak on the controversy.

While Will.I.Am, Katherine Jackson and Quincy Jones have all said that the album should of never been released, Teddy Riley said he fought hard to release it.

In an interview with the UK Guardian, Riley said,

"I'm confident Michael would have wanted his message out there, and that's what counts. I fought against his family big time. The only reason I fought against them all and fought against the fans was to make them believe that this is Michael Jackson's vocals.”

Riley also made sure to speak on the comments of Quincy Jones' comments about the questionable voice that may or may not be Michael on the album.

"Look at his age. He can barely hear you talk. How the hell could he hear Michael? Anybody who says [it is not Jackson on the album], I do have a comeback, because you're not right. That's just the bottom line."

Rapper/Singer found himself caught in the Quincy controversy after joining the producer and singer Robin Thicke for a remake of Jackson's classic hit "PYT." After hearing negative press aimed for Quincy, T-Pain found it was necessary to stick up for Jones.

For all the ppl that hate mr for ruining pyt just stop listening to my sh*t. But if Quincy jones tell you he want you to do something, no matter how much shot you know ur gonna get from the dumb asses in the world, you god damn do it. The f*cked up thing is everybody being so kind to mj after he's gone, but how can you wish a man to rest in peace when you never gave him peace in a life time?

I had the pleasure of meeting MJ and when I left his house I got a call from his lawyer telling mr that MJ wanted me to remake that song. So everybody that's being overly disrespectful, you don't have to like me at all, but you also can keep that bullshPt to yourself. Like I said I'm making it my job to stay positive on twitter but this is why the image of my ppl is so f*cked up cuz we all are to envious and jealous of each other to get passed anything.

In conclusion, if you don't like what I do then stop listening to it, if somebody tells you that my sh*t is wak, why would you go and try to find it? Just stay off my timeline and my d*ck and get YO sh*t together, obviously I'm str8.


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