It amazes me how quick we as a people latch on to any conspiracy theory, rumor, or highly hyped accusation about people in general but especially celebrities and high profile individuals. We latched on to this "Illuminati" conspiracy theory that every successful rapper and entertainer that's Black had to sell their soul to be successful and that's a bunch of b.s. to me. You completely rule out the "GOD" factor when you say that if we believe that "GOD" is the Lord Of The Worlds and the Supreme Power who control all things good and bad. We sometimes forget or shall I say ofttimes forget that video imagery and documentaries to prove something against some one is easy to do and has been done since the beginning of the high tech age. I'm not defending anyone or any particular artist or celebrity but I want us to be not so quick to rush to judgement because of what the media and e few self absorbed, jealous and envious tech savvy, spin savvy conspiracy theorist purvey and promote to the masses. But see I'm one of the ones that you cant just show me a video and sound bites and a few editorials and think that I'm just going to be convinced of anything because you packaged it nicely and convincingly. I believe that Jay Z.,Kanye,Diddy,Biggie,Nas,Eminem,Nelly,Ludacris,T.I.,LiL Wayne, and all the mega stars in hip hop made it off of talent,hard work, and business connections not connections to the underworld or some secret society. Call me what your want, I been following hip hop since 1979 and I still follow hip hop and no one can tell me that I supported hip hop and certain artists because I was brainwashed or coerced into it by unseen powers that be. Do I think that certain deals and certain sacrifices are made behind closed doors once you reach a certain status yes I do as it relates to certain individuals, certain artists and celebrities make that decision to go that route but do I think everyone has,hell no,hell no. That's saying that absolutely nothing in the world that we see is really what it seems and to a large degree that's true but come on that's not practical or reality. People like to single out Jay Z. okay but Russell Simmons has more money and influence than Jay Z. on a larger scale so your telling me that Russell is part of a devil worshipping cult???? Come on people I'm not saying that these rappers are innocent pawns in the images they convey to society and the world at large but to just go with anything someone makes seem real to you because of your limited knowledge and understanding of the entertainment and music business and how it all works that's retarded. To say if you play this artist music backwards it sounds like devil worshipping, come on,hell you can play some Gospel music backwards and it'll sound demonic,hell your own voice played backwards will sound like another language with another meaning. Lets stop being haters and stop trying to bring the next brother or sister down when you know in your heart your just jealous or mad that they have the life you wish you had and still muster up if you wasn't so consumed with your hate of successful people because at the end of the day we all have to answer for own deeds and our sins. If you dont like certain celebrities and entertainers simply don't support them or listen to their music or don't go to their movies bottom line. I don't support or even partake in anything that I don't like bottom line. Lets stop partaking in self-hate, we criticize our Black brothers and sisters who "GOD" has blessed to make it majorly in the entertainment business but Whites that make it and become famous get treated by a different set of standards all the time. We're sick as a people and we need to stop judging other people's lives and wake up and do something to be successful and maybe people they will have debates about our lives generations from now. Think about it. We can learn alot from successful people whether they pocess views or idealogy that we would never agree with or support,there's alot of knowledge and wisdom to be abstracted from people that have made it to a certain status in life whether we like them or not. We just have to know what to abstract and use and what elements to leave alone and don't touch. There's allot of imagery out there that rappers and celebrities fuel the fire on that because society at large are talking about them and conveying them in that light so they fuel the fire with videos and imagery to cash in from it without being directly involved in it or associated with it. For the entertainers that have sold their souls for riches it's not too late to make it right and reverse it and do great deeds with your money,influence, and talent. Because the day of judgement is a grievous day for many but a glorious day for some. There's a heavy price to pay for the ones that have sold their souls but for the ones that are genuine and have helped thousands and millions of people in many different ways especially charity and other notable causes and I do know several of you personally, "GOD" bless you and yours with much continued success and I say never stop supporting great causes and helping those in need across the globe and keep using your "GOD" Gifted and Given talents to educate and uplift the masses..................(THA CHILL ONE)


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