When it comes to certain provocative imagery in our society as a whole there's a serious double standard, so is it cool and acceptable for our women and young girls to exploit themselves to make money and make a living for them and their families and not for a man to do the same??? Or visevercer? So men can model and dance and exploit themselves in whatever form but woman can't without being called whores and sluts? Or so women can do it and be accepted and lusted upon and men are looked at as gay or savage bisexuals for modeling or dancing or both? No matter what side of the argument your own our society is dwelling in a cess pool of sex,drugs,and every other form of negativity we can imagine. There's much more criticism for women stripping down than men and I ask is that a double standard? We're living in a time where all sorts of double standards are the norm. Should I be left alone free of criticism and slander if I pose or dance mainly nude to feed my family and to avoid poverty and skid row? Is she a whore or slut because she poses or dances nude to survive? Or is there other respectable ways to display their attractiveness and excel in life? This topic has become and has been a heated topic for a while now and in an era where commercials are more sexual and provocative as well as cartoons, this debate goes on. How much is too much and how far to the left or right can one go without being considered over the top or totally out of line. This is the savage world we live in where everything in society is so sexual related or stimulated. Every magazine has some type of sexual of provocative imagery in them these days bottom line. Teen shows are off the chain these days and it's hard to tell whats going to be said or displayed on some of these kiddie kiddie shows for children, its crazy. Nearly every billboard displays some type of provocative imagery and we wont get into music videos,that's another beasts totally unto itself. But loved or hate it, this is the world we live in and it's another reason why children look to celebrities,models,actors,athletes,and certain personalities as role models and idolize them instead of their parents or preachers or other influential figures. So you tell me whats wrong or right?????? (THACHILLONE)


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