Police are on the hunt for a man that robbed a D.C. area home and posted pictures of himself posing with the stolen goods on the victim's Facebook page.

Marc Fisher, a writer for The Washington Post, says his home was broken in to Friday and a thief took his son's laptop, iPod, savings bond and cash.

Additionally, Fisher says his winter coat was taken, fresh out of a Macy's box it arrived in.

Before leaving the property however, the thief used his son's computer to take a picture of himself wearing the stolen coat and holding wads of cash.

He then posted the picture using the victim's Facebook account for all his friends to see.

“I've seen a lot but this is the most stupid criminal I've ever seen,” said D.C. police Officer Kyle Roe.

According to Fisher, progress on the case is moving slowly and after four days he and his family were still waiting to hear back from the detective assigned to the case.


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