Unfortunately Soulja's poor album sales may keep him from buying another $3 million dollars worth of bling.

Billboard reports that the rapper with over 2.5 million Twitter followers sold 13,000 copies of his DeAndre Way album.

The album features his singles “Pretty Boy Swag” and “Speakers Going Hammer.”

Seems like another young artist making the transition from teenage superstar to adult superstar has bit the dust record sales wise again. First Kriss Kross, The Boyz, Bow Wow, now Souljah Boy among others latest album has flopped despite heavy rotation on radio and video. 13,000 units sold in any genre or sales era is a certified flop business-wise and commercial-wise. I been saying for years that all that novelty rap always runs it course and then it fades drastically. Yes the landscape of records sales have changed dramactically overall but a hit is a hit just ask Eminem, Kanye, Jay Z.,Nikki Minaj, Rick Ross, B.O.B., LiL Wayne, Drake, Ludacris, T.I. and Kid Cudi. Solid support is solid support reguardless and a flop is a flop in any language. Long Live Hip Hop............(THA CHILL ONE)


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