"I mean Jay is my favorite. I'm a huge Jay -Z fan. I love it. I'm waiting for his record right now. Hopefully, I'll get a track on it. We'll see. Yeah I love it. Because it helps keep alive the type of music that I love to do." (XXL Magazine)

"Just recently, actually, I've heard some really good artists. I'm a fan of J. Cole. I like Don Trip. Those two I was actually in this studio working with recently, and I really like their vibe. Especially J. Cole. I think that kid has a serious future ahead of him. He's articulate. The way he speaks is - he's got it. All he needs is the record now." (XXL Magazine)

Dr.Dre and Jay Z. has much history together, Jay penned Dre's hit "Still D.R.E." off of the multiplatinum classic "Chronic 2001" album which sold 6 Million just like the first Chronic album did. Dr.Dre also has produced bangers for Jay in the past, as recent as Jay's return album "Kingdom Come" where he produced four joints on the album including the hit "Lost Ones." Jay is also on the long awaited "Detox" album project by Dr.Dre. Stay tuned for Dre and Jay!!!!!!! (THA CHILL ONE)


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