The million dollar question at hand is do female emcees have to purvey and display sexual imagery to sell records in 2010????? Back in the day Queen Latifah, Lauren Hill, Da Brat in the beginning of her career, Salt-N-Pepa in the middle and at the end of their career,MC Lyte, Ms.Melody, Mama Mia X.,Missy Elliott and a few others never had to take it off to sell records and never had to purvey a certain negative stereotype to be accepted and sell major records. Every female rapper that i've named has sold millions of albums especially Lauren Hill being themselves and being talented and letting their talent speak for them for the most part. Lauren Hill no doubt will go down as the biggest selling female rapper with her 9X Platinum Classic Album "The Miseducation Of Lauren Hill" which is still the highest selling hiphop female album to date and I dont ever see another female emcee surpassing that with a single album. There are alot of talented female emcees such as LiL Kim,Foxxy Brown,Remy Ma,Trina etc. but many of them have displayed nearly as much sexual imagery borderline porn imagery than raw talent. Missy sold millions of records being herself and displaying raw talent and creativity and won with it big time. Talent always trump those negative and provocative images. In 2010 the list of female emcees in the game making noise or generating a buzz is very minimal and the few that are generating a buzz are constantly displaying their sexuality and sexual imagery. I say hell no, they can be original and talented and sell major units considering the current climate of the music business as far as sales. But I strongly believe that there's always room for the Lauren Hills, Queen Latifahs and Missy Ellliots of the world because their so unique at what they do and what all they bring to the table.So you decide do female emcees have to take it all off in 2010 to be successful and sell major records??????????????


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